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What Do Missionaries Eat?

What do missionaries eat?


I know it is a short answer, but hey what do you eat? Food. Just kidding. My wife has learned to cook all kinds of good food in the past few years.

You know when we first got married back in 1995 she pretty much knew how to cook one meal; bacon and eggs. She claims that her mother never allowed her in the kitchen. I am not sure why she did not know how to cook, I just know that bacon and eggs is cool for a couple of days. Bacon and eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner gets old real quick.

Being here in Kenya she has been forced to experiment and come up with some good and tasty meals. For example; tonight we had burritos. Now I know what you are saying "That is easy just grab some tortillas from the grocery store and put all the stuffing in."

There are no tortillas here in Kenya. They do have a similar food called chapati, but it is too thick and oily to be used as a tortilla. So my wife, Kate Brooks the woman who could only cook bacon and eggs, made her own home made tortillas. They were actually good. In fact I ate so many that I may not need to eat for a week.

I am thankful that God blessed me with a woman who can learn.

What do missionaries eat?

Food. Homemade food.

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