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Quote of the Week

"Casey died for a country which cares more about who will be the next American Idol than how many people will be killed in the next few months while Democrats and Republicans play politics with human lives. "

Cindy Sheehan

Travel Dates

We will be leaving Nairobi, Kenya on July 01, 2007 at 11:25 p.m. and arriving in Houston, U.S.A. on July 02, 2007 at 09:10 a.m. After a couple of days to adjust to the time difference and celebrate the 4th of July holiday we will be ready to start meeting with as many people as possible.

Email us now to help with filling up the calendar. We would like to personally visit with as many of our American supporters and friends as possible while we are there. We will be sharing the vision of our orphan project, a Future and a Hope, as well as other aspects of the mission. We are leaving the U.S.A.on August 29th and after visiting some new friends in the U.K. will arrive in Nairobi on September the 2nd. So anything in between those days we would like to fill up with as many visits as possible.

This is a fundraising trip. The money we are raising will be used to help build the orphanage, a Future and a Hope. We will need many generous one time gifts to help with the start up costs associated with the home, and we will need to add many new monthly supporters to cater to the increase in expenses. I am confident that many of us can make this happen. I am also confident that God will bless those who give in any way to this project.

There are some things we need to make this trip a success. First and I suppose the most important is transportation. We will need a vehicle to use while we are in the U.S.A. Unfortunately it is not like Kenya; here in Kenya I can get anywhere relatively cheaply without a car. Not necessarily safely, but at least I can get almost anywhere even without a vehicle without breaking the bank. If you happen to have an extra vehicle laying around let us know.

We will also need some funds to feed our family, travel to see people, purchasing some items that we can get there but not here, and those annoying little (sometimes not so little) things that come up in life. We live here in Kenya on much less money than we used to live on in the U.S.A. We have become accustomed to it, and I cringe at the thought of the amount of money it will take just to feed our family while we are there. Please invite us over to dinner, or out as much as possible. You could just be saving my sanity.

I will post a list in the next few days of various things we need to acquire and bring back to Kenya.

I am being upfront and honest about our needs here. Not something that I do lightly or very easily, but it is part of the project. We cannot do it without assistance from you and others. I will be posting budgets for the orphanage in the next few days as well.

Please do not forget to email us and set up a date to meet. If you are not so formal as to actually need a calendar (to which I say God bless you. I hate calendars and lists and agendas and etc.) then just let us know that you would like to meet with us sometime during the 2 months we are there. We will then call you sometime during July or August to make the arrangements.

Prophetic Conference

I recently attended a prophetic conference here in Nakuru. It was hosted by a new friend of mine, an English missionary working here in Nakuru, Kenya. We have a similar desire for the Christians here in Nakuru, namely we want to live in unity. It was with this in mind that I signed up to attend his meeting.

He told me that there were some prophets coming from the U.K. to minister in the meeting, and I thought it would be interesting to hear what they had to say. Now just so you know, God speaks to me in funny ways, and I could tell he wanted me to attend the meetings, but I was not sure why.

The first speaker, Pastor Alan Goldstone from Bungay, spoke on Josiah as a reformer. Reform is something I always find interesting so he had my attention. Plus, it was fun to watch the interpreter to see what he/she would miss or change (always a fun pastime during meetings).

The second speaker almost made me leave early. I cannot remember his full names, but his first name is Aleric. He spoke on deliverance from demonic powers. I will not repeat all of what he said here, but one thing really bothered me. He used maggots, bats, and rats to represent demons and how they get into your life. Well right away I was put off since maggots, bats, and rats play vital roles in the ecology.

I decided to leave the meeting, of course since I have been taught manners I had to wait until the end of the session. It ended and I walked out to leave and ran into my English missionary friend who was hosting the meeting, John Salter. He was so happy and excited about the meeting that I could just not bring myself to leave. This is when I began to recognize the voice of God, not in what Aleric had preached, but in the whole event.

The Holy Spirit began to speak to me about unity. Unity is not about doctrinal agreement, style similarities, or even personalities. Instead, it is about the heart. We can be knit together in our spirits and work towards building the Kingdom of God together. I still do not believe that I need to fight devils, but I do believe that I need to be able to stand with fellow believers no matter what doctrines we practice or believe.

Next day, the prophet Aleric spoke a word, or prophecy, or whatever it is called to me. He was 100% accurate. We had not spoken before about anything he said. In fact, there was only one other person in the meeting who knew me well enough to know that what Aleric was saying was true. He was not predicting the future but instead was confirming some things going on in my life.

I sat down when he was finished and told God "I get the message." God can use and speak through whomever he wants, even men who tell their children that watching cartoons can allow demons into their lives!

I was able to spend some time with a few members of the British team and really enjoyed their company. In fact, we plan on visiting some of them on our way back from the US in August.

God speaks in mysterious ways, even through Charismatic/pentecostal/full gospel/prophets from the U.K.

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Children love change. Take them to a new place, stay in a hotel, teach them a new trick or show them something they've never seen, they love it! Perhaps it is because they are ever learning. Each day there is something new for them to see and learn.

But as we get older, we lose our passion for change. In fact, most of us despise it. Why? Perhaps we've gotten stuck in a rut or used to our routine. We've gotten comfortable or perhaps, even if we won't admit it, subconsciously, we think we know all we need to know to get through life.

Let me encourage you today. Embrace your inner child. Learn to love CHANGE. And if changes are occurring in your life, accept them, better yet, enjoy them! And if there are no changes right now in your path, perhaps you should make some!



Lost Book of the Bible?

I read this interesting post today over at Jesus The Radical Pastor, John Frye's blog. Essentially he credits a "curious" form of theology with turning the book of Revelation into a "flow chart of end times scenarios. He says that the real purpose of the book is to teach us how to live, even thrive, under an empirical governmental system.

I have to agree with him on this one. I remember this one time that the pastor of the church we were attending spoke on the 3 major different points of view on the rapture. He tried to explain what each camp believed about the church being taken away before, during, or after the "tribulation." I remember at the time wondering why he did not expand on the idea that there was no rapture concept at all in the scriptures. That the rapture was created as just a way to escape our duty to God's creation.

He never expounded on the idea that John was writing about the Roman system that he was being forced to live under. John, and other Jewish writers of apocalypses, were not able to openly voice their opinions about the government, and so had to disguise them. I suppose it just was not exciting enough for the crowd.

I think about these things and how much we have corrupted the Biblical text to suit our own agendas, and wonder what else in our thinking is wrong. I wonder not only about our thinking but also about our practice of the Christian Faith.

I think of what James wrote; "Real religion is this; Reach out to the homeless and loveless in their plight, and guard against corruption from the godless world." If that is supposed to be what the Christian Faith resembles, than most of what we claim to be Christianity is not "real religion."

I pray Father that you help me to put aside my personal agenda when it comes to interpreting the Biblical texts. I pray for wisdom.

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Today, Monday the 21st of May in the year 2007, I drove to town with a couple of friends. One of these friends was sick and we were really worried about him. Turns out he has bronchitis. I helped him pay for the clinic, laboratory, x-ray, and medicines.

While we were in the clinic my car was clamped by the The Municipal Counsel of Nakuru. There are no parking meters in town. You have to find these guys wearing yellow jackets and get a parking ticket from them to put in your windshield. Well I waited and waited and waited, but no parking attendant. So I figured well he knows that he was not around so there is no way he would clamp my car. Right? Wrong.

We came downstairs from the clinic and the guy just finished putting this metal boot on the front wheel. I argued with him, but he just did not seem to care much about the injustice. Turns out that the guy who clamps is separate from the guy who issues the parking tickets. So he did not know that the attendant was not around. In fact while I was explaining to him that it was not right that he should lock my car since the attendant was no where to be found, the attendant came around and admitted to not being around.

Well the clamper guy does not have the keys to remove the clamp, so I had to go to the counsel office and pay 750 shillings, about 11 U.S. dollars to have the "key" guy come and remove the boot.

I had been complaining in the office about how wrong it was to lock my car, but after being shuffled around for a while I decided it was worth 750 KES to get my car back.

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Today, Andrew lost TWO teeth! The amazing thing is that we didn't even realize they were loose!

Andrew came up to me and said, "Hey Mommy, I think my tooth is loose." I wiggled it a tiny bit and agreed. Then I said, "This one is loose, too." while wiggling another molar. They didn't feel very loose, but within an hour, Andrew came running to me with a tooth in hand! I was surprised at the first one, but when he came to me again a few minutes later with the second tooth in hand, I was REALLY surprised!

Of course I gave him some money, and he's excited about it. Now Butterfly (3 year old) is wiggling all her teeth so she can compete with her older siblings.


Upcoming Trip to the U.S.A.

We will be visiting the U.S.A. this July and August. We hope to see as many of you as possible and share what has been going on for the past 2 and a half years, and what is going to happen in the next few years.

Now that I have said we want to visit you, please let us know when we can. Unless it is absolutely impossible for us to get to you we will not turn anyone down, so please let us get together.

We would like to visit churches, small groups, women's groups, men's groups, mission's groups, any group at all, and individuals. We have a vision of opening an orphanage, and we need lots of help to do it. Please do not hesitate to invite us, and do not feel that you have nothing to offer.

If you are able to give large amounts, than great please do not hesitate. However the reality is that it is usually many of us giving small or medium gifts that make a difference.

I will post about the trip more and keep you updated on the schedule.

You can email us at [email protected]