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Austin, Texas

Had a great time in Austin this past week. We were visiting a friend that I had not seen in like fourteen years, much too long a time in between visits.

Him and his wife treated us to lunch at the Salt Lick, where we consumed an ungodly amount of meat and bread. Good stuff, thank God I don't live in Austin, I am sure I would grow too large to fit through the door.

Here is a photo we took while there:



We are back in Nederland, Texas after a week on the road visiting family and friends. It is good to be off the road again. At one point on the way back to Nederland from Cut and Shoot, Texas one of our kids started singing "I just can't wait to get off the road again..."

We were able to visit my family (Johnny) this past week. It was good to see all of them, well not all of them but a good amount of them.

My mother set up a meeting and we did our presentation on the orphanage, A Future and a Hope. Those in attendance were generous and we all had a good time.

I do enjoy seeing family and friends but I am really missing Kenya. It is where my heart is and I just can't wait to be back.

Off the Grid

We are heading to the Conroe area to visit my parents, and then to Austin to visit a friend. I am not sure when we will have access to the internet again, my parents are one of the few people without a computer or any type of internet device.

If you need to talk to us just call us at 409-527-0742

Fast World Slow World

So I am reading though this book on understanding globalization by Thomas L. Friedman, it is called The Lexus and the Olive Tree , when he puts to words something I have been trying to articulate for some time now.

My ears perked up when he mentioned that the labels, First World, Second World, and Third World, were no longer applicable in the new system of globalization that we seem to have now. Friedman suggested two new labels, Fast World and Slow World.

I started to think of Kenya and the U.S. Kenya is slow. The U.S. is fast. The new terms seem to fit.

Here in the U.S. (we are here till the end of August then we will be back in Kenya) almost every aspect of life is fast. Hungry? You can have a complete dinner in less than 5 minutes. Thirsty? Water, soda, tea, a host of beverages can be yours in a matter of moments. Ignorant? Information can be downloaded at ridiculous speeds from the internet. Want to visit Grandma? You can reach her quickly by train, plane, or automobile.

In Kenya the opposite is true. Hungry? You will have to go and buy fresh vegetables, fruits, and or meat, and then cook it without using a microwave. Thirsty? You will have to find water, then boil it to make sure it is safe to drink. Ignorant? If you have the ability to surf the internet for the knowledge it will take you hours to download it. Want to visit Grandma? It can take a whole day to go a hundred miles or even less.

Fast and slow, good words to use to compare our two nations. Not that fast is necessarily good or vice versa with slow. I do enjoy some of the slow aspects of Kenyan life. It gives me time to get to know people and do a good job on whatever I am doing.

O.K. just some thoughts from my reading. May not make much sense but they are offered here for whatever they may be worth.

Moody Gardens

Nothing profound to report today, I just wanted to type a quick note before heading to bed. We were blessed to spend the past 2 days in Galveston, Texas where we visited Moody Gardens and the beach.

I was really impressed with the aquarium at Moody Gardens. I love fish, and especially love the art of keeping fish at home. The fish at Moody Gardens seemed to be in good health and were well cared for.

The kids had a good time, Andrew is a lover of dinosaurs and they had a dinosaur exhibit. We saw an Imax film about dinosaurs and visited an exhibit with animatronic dinos.

Good family time.

Tomorrow evening we will be at the Rock Church in Port Arthur, Texas.

Peter Pan

325_peter_pan_flying Kate's dad and step mom took us to see a local production of Peter Pan. The kids really seemed to enjoy themselves, and the cast and crew did a fine job.

Butterfly sat in my lap the whole time, so I was able to enjoy her enjoying the show. She laughed at the lost boys, was impressed with Tiger Lilly, and thought Captain Hook was a bad guy.

I am glad they got to have some fun this evening. I hope wherever you are that you can conjure up some happy thoughts and fly to a fun and exciting locale like NeverLand.

Chevy Astro Van

Picture_307 Thanks to some friends we have a Chevy Astro Van to use while here in Texas. They have asked us not to leave the state with it, so we will not, but it is very useful here in Texas. It has been a real blessing so far as we can now move freely to see people, get to meetings, do fun stuff as a family, and all the other things you need a car for.

I have a picture of it but cannot find it right now, soon as I get it I will upload it. Anyway it looks like a van.

Reception on Sunday

This Sunday evening from 6 p.m. we will be at the Rock Church in Port Arthur, TX off of 365. It is just before you get to West Port Arthur Road.

There will be food and we will share about the girls home, A Future and a Hope. There will be a time when you can donate money to the project.

Anyone is welcome.