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Thanks to a new modem from Safaricom (A local mobile phone company), we now have access to the Internet at our house! Well actually, I can take it anywhere there is Safaricom coverage, which is just about everywhere I go.

It is at least twice as fast as the cyber cafe I was using, which is a big boost. Anyway, we can now get online from the comfort of our home.

The modem is called Samba75 and is real small, which is cool. It just plugs into one of the USB slots, and I can sign on. I had to take my computer into the customer care office to get the software installed. Apparently the install CD does not work with Windows Vista.

Of course going into customer care is no easy task. There is always a line out the building snaking around on the sidewalk. I heard that I could force my way in and turn left to talk to someone about the modem. I tried it, and it worked. So I ended up only waiting like an hour to speak with a customer care representative instead of multiple hours.



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