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I just received an email from Johnny saying that he's alighted in Kentucky, USA safely. For those who prayed with me for his safe journey, thank you.

I don't know why I felt nervous thinking of him on the plane over the Atlantic. People fly every day. Even I have flown across the globe more than 9 times, and I wasn't afraid, but this time, it was different because I wasn't with Johnny to see how the trip was going, and there's something about flying across an enormous ocean that's just not natural. I'm so glad he's there safe and sound.

Johnny is a jewel that I don't want to lose. It was as if I put this precious diamond in the hands of someone else knowing they were going to throw it across a lake.

Ok, poor analogy perhaps on my part, but you get the idea. I'm glad he's on the ground.

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~Kate Brooks

Co-founder of A Future and a Hope, home for orphaned girls in Nakuru, Kenya East Africa

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