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Her First Sentence!

emma croppedOur darling daughter, Emma Caite, is just 1 1/2 years old. She utters beautiful words out of her mouth all of the  time, but today, for the first time, she put together a complete sentence!

Before I tell you this beautiful collaboration of words, you must first get a little history and idea of Kenyan culture. If not, then her first sentence will scare you to pieces!

HISTORY:  Every morning and every afternoon, we drive to and from school with the girls in our large Nissan van. On the highway are cows, sheep, goats, pigs, dogs, and LOTS of bicycle riders driving in the road carrying their children or other people to and from various places amidst speeding vans, cars, and lorries.

The highway is narrow, full of pot holes, and has a bumpy dirt shoulder. When a bicycle is on the road with two cars passing each other, the cyclist and his passenger are in serious danger. The crazy part is that no matter how many times I honk my horn suggesting the cyclist move on to the shoulder, he refuses.

Finally, one morning after a near miss when a bodaboda (bike taxi) decided not to move off the highway and onto the shoulder after loud hooting from my horn, while I was squeezed by on-coming traffic, I shouted out of the window "Chunga! We utakufa!" In English:  Be careful, your gonna get killed! Now the girls caught on because they thought it was hilarious. They started saying it to cyclists who refuse to guard their life by moving on to the shoulder when cars are passing.

So now you know Emma's first sentence. This morning she shouted, "We utakufa!" (You are going to die!)

Just what I need my daughter telling people!

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