Good-bye, Hello


So many things are going on. My mind is going one-hundred miles an hour. It's kind of nice to be busy, but hectic at the same time.

I find myself waking up at 4 am already planning my next day. It's also a great time to spend talking to my Dad (God) about stuff going on. It's the only time things are semi quiet around here, although, lately, I've been hearing RATS crawling around in the night!

Well, half of our girls finished school today and the other half (the older ones go to a different school) close tomorrow. Johnny (he's in the air as you read this) comes home Thursday, so we are busy trying to finish up some things before he arrives.

Thank you for continually being a part of what we do by reading our blog posts.

Soon enough, you won't have to hear from me so much, and Johnny will be back writing articles and getting in his 'routine.'

I have enjoyed this time, honestly. It's been a nice challenge to be handling everything. It's also great to get out of the house on a regular basis doing 'Johnny's duties,' but it has been difficult as well since I am teaching school at home at the same time. We will be glad to have Johnny back, and perhaps I'll try to carry more of the load while he's here in the future.

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