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Good-bye, Hello

Johnny flies out this evening of November 18th from Kentucky and returns home to me on the morning of the  20th.

It's a long journey, but gratefully it's nothing compared to the days of Columbus!

I will only be a little anxious for a few hours compared to what the wives of those brave men who sailed across oceans in the days of exploration must've been for their husbands. Months of wonder and then no way to know for sure if they made it!

I am so grateful for email. I love it that Johnny can tell me when he's landed in each airport. We can even chat though we are oceans apart!

dot matrix printerGotta admit, I love technology.

I remember when I was in 8th grade, we had a color dot-matrix printer, and I don't remember if we had windows yet or not, but my dad was overjoyed over his ability to get the news that was less than 5 minutes old. We had our first taste of the Internet.

Things have come a long way since then.

Speaking of a long way, Johnny is traveling a long way, he's been gone almost 2 months, and despite being able to chat with Johnny through messenger, I still miss him. Glad he's coming home.

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