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running gingerbread manJohnny is on the last leg of his trip. Only ten more days and he will be home with me and well, US! We all miss him. I must say, having instant messaging has made it so much easier. We've chatted almost every evening so it's been quite easy for me, actually. I think it was much more difficult for him to be away since he doesn't have the kids with him to keep him company as I do.

Johnny is in Cut-n-Shoot Texas visiting his family and doing a meeting there. He'll be in the Golden Triangle area on the evening of the 12th, the 13th and then off to Kentucky on the 14th. He'll speak in Kentucky on the 16th I think, then fly home on the 17th and arrive here on the 20th! WHEW!

We want to say a special thank you to all of you who hosted Johnny at your homes or in a hotel. I personally want to say thank you for feeding him and taking care of him!

We are so grateful for you continued generosity, support, and concern for those who are less fortunate than you.

Thank you. His trip is not yet over, so please continue to lift him up in prayer and those here in Kenya as well.

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A Future and a Hope

home for orphaned girls in Kenya

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