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Hey! You've got my nose!

collage BT 699x848 Seeing my biological children, naturally, there are some physical traits that resemble Johnny and me in each of them. Andrew has my face shape, Makena my mother's eyes and hands, Butterfly my sister's expressions, and Emma has her aunt's smile....

But what I find amazing is that here in Kenya, I meet folks that look like my family, too. Irene (one of our orphans) has my Step-mom's body shape and long, thin legs.

Recently I was doing business with a man who has my Aunt Kathy's smile!

Another guy I know has my cousin's grin! It's interesting to me to see that we, no matter what color our skin, have similar genes.

Way back, we all came from the same family.

A white friend of mine in Texas was abandoned by her dad and raised by her grandma. When she got older, she found her dad had remarried an African-American and had a son. This friend of mine said it was so strange to meet him because he looked JUST LIKE HER only with dark skin. I personally saw his photo and the resemblance is shocking. Same nose, eyes, face shape, except he has very dark skin and black, tight curly hair.

Skin color/race means nothing. Nationality means nothing. We are all brothers and sisters.

2008-4-29 034 Thumbnail Web view ~Kate Brooks

Co-founder of A Future and a Hope

Home for orphans in Nakuru, Kenya East Africa

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