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People Living With Aids

Not dying but living. Today we will be having a lunch meeting with a group of about 30 people who are HIV positive. We work with these folks on a regular basis, and so know most of them well. Ben, our team member who does most of the field work, knows them really well.

He knows what medicines they take. He knows where they live. He knows if the family has rejected them or not. He knows which mothers are worried about dying and leaving their children behind as orphans. He knows these people. He has relationship with them.

Which in my opinion is the best ministry there is. We don't need a building to meet them in. In fact today we are borrowing one. We don't need a man or woman to deliver a sermon to us. I will today, yet my goal is not conversion rather encouragement. We do not need some program that can be used on these people.

Yes they have needs, in fact most of them are really sick. However what they need more than anything else is love. Love and acceptance. So today there will be many embraces. Many hugs, a few kisses, and many greetings.

I will eat food that I really dislike just to be with my friends, and encourage them that they are not alone. I love them, and so does Jesus.

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Johnny Brooks, though I really hate goat soup, it will be worth it to bring a smile to someone who usually never can smile.

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