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It might get boring...

Yesterday evening, Johnny was spending time with me instead of sitting in his office, because I asked him to, so he was forced to 'talk.' LOL.

In that conversation, he began to tell me of all kinds of things we did during the day yesterday in the community that even I, Kate, wasn't aware of! I mean, I know we feed folks and such, but what occurred to me was that it just 572-bored-kidbecomes 'the norm' to do what we do, so much so, that we forget to even tell each other about it, let alone our blog readers.

We fed several families yesterday, saved a child from Malaria by getting her treatment, and took several other peeps to the hospital as well. We do it so much that Johnny and I CAN'T mention every time we do these things or you'd just get bored to pieces reading our blog!

So we try to come up with other things to talk about here, but hopefully you realize that most of the stuff we do just goes on without mentioning. ;)

Of course, I have to say that NONE of what we do has been done on our own. Every thing that we do has been done by YOU. (I'm not trying to get more money here.) I'm just saying that info because it is true. We have no sources of income a part from donations so that means it is you who feeds the hungry, clothes the (pretty much) naked, and takes people to the hospital.

Thanks to everyone who helps us help them!

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