Picture of the Week
A Human life. How our recent baby came into this world...


I’m still fighting this cold. Which means I have to refrain from writing, as I tend to get irritable and offensive when I have a head cold. (I’ve already threatened a few people with damnation in hell, and seem to have hurt Kate’s feelings more than once in the past week.)

Nothing serious, I just don’t handle stuffiness, runniness, coughing, and sore throats well. Thankfully I rarely get colds. NyQuil and Tylenol cold are my friends right now.

Otherwise life goes on. Today we plan out the menu for the week, and I will go buy all the groceries etc. that we need. (If you have any good recipes that can serve 20 people, and don’t require any packaged mixes, please send them our way.)

I’ll also be stopping by the post office, as I am waiting for my new Star Trek DVD to arrive. I’m trying to be patient.

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