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It's been a week and a half since I gave birth to Eowyn Grey. She's such a lovely, easy-going baby.

We've been continuing with our work while adjusting to having a wee one. I thought that if you were wondering how I go about my day doing what I/we do with a new baby, I'd show you....


Basically, I just tie her on and continue my routine as usual, with an occasional nursing and nappy change in there.

So today, in a few minutes, (after I take the photo I want to put in this article), Johnny & I will be heading off to town to do the routine things such as buying food for our home and Christopher's House (the boys' home), checking the mail, picking up a couple of packages, maybe grabbing some lunch, returning home, responding to emails and messages, and then planning some things we'll be doing in the days ahead.

~Kate Brooks
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