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We are to Break Every Yoke

Wrestling with God

This morning during my class with the children we talked about Esau and Jacob. Going through the story, we came to the place where Jacob wrestles with God. You know where God changes Jacob’s name to Israel?

I felt vindicated as a teacher, because Butterfly got the point. “Wow. Jacob fought God.” It was a moment were I was a proud daddy. Especially since I didn’t have time to really emphasize that point.

She gave the wrong answer though, when I asked is it o.k. to wrestle with God. She said no. To which I pointed out that Jacob did and God blessed him for it.

Wrestling with God is the right thing to do at times. Sure you’ll get a limp out of it, but the blessing, ahh, the blessing makes the limp worthwhile.

I’m wrestling with God right now. Don’t worry. I’ve done it before. Sure I have limps, but the blessings have made the limps well worth it.

Not that I really like the wrestling all that much. Sometimes I can’t see the outcome during the match. I get disappointed.

Yet this morning Jacob has given me hope. Hope for a blessing from God himself. A blessing because I choose to fight him.

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