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Up and Down

Mixed feelings this morning. Happy to have had some great folks from California visit us this week. I was actually a bit apprehensive about their visit. I’m not the easiest person to hang out with and to get to know, but all seemed to go well. Plus our friend Denny is around for a few days (terribly upset that Susan didn’t make it.)

I have those nice good mushy type feelings. Yet at the same time I’m reminded of the unnecessary suffering going on around me.

Children dying. Children going hungry. Children being sexually assaulted (this one seriously challenges my pacifist ways.)

Not so mushy in the feelings department.

I thank God that he has us here in Kenya at this time. A time when we can, with the help of our friends, save children, feed children, and rescue children.

Up and down, that’s my emotions this morning. Which I’m o.k. with, because that’s what life is; up and down.

Quote of the Week

“Instead of subtly nuanced abilities in pastoral visitation we get training in mass visitation movements, misnamed evangelism, that promise to fill the pews on Sundays. Instead of letters of spiritual counsel we get slogans designed for the mass media. Instead of models for patience we get pep talks and cheerleader yells to work up church spirit.”

Eugene H. Peterson
    Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work

Why the World Still Needs Missionaries

I've been kicking around an idea for an article for a few weeks now. I call it “Why the World Still Needs Missionaries.”

Let’s define missionaries simply as; someone who leaves their own culture for another to promote the Kingdom of God. My definition has nothing to do with church planting, religion promoting, conversions, or anything of that nature. Simply spreading the love of God through deed, and occasionally words.

In trying to make up the list of reasons for sending out missionaries, one bullet point leapt out more than any others. I just can’t think of anything that would be a better reason to send or come as a missionary:


If we hadn’t come to Kenya, Beatrice could very well be living on the street. That’s no exaggeration nor prideful speech. Just the truth.

Her family was unwilling to care for her. Unwilling to send her to school. Unwilling to feed her. Unwilling to clothe her. Unwilling to love her.

She needed a missionary. She needed love.

As long as there are Beatrice's in the world, the world still needs missionaries.


Today we have a group of folks visiting us. Unless I’m wrong, which is hardly ever (assuming of course that hardly ever really means; most of the time,) they are from California.

There here to bless us, help us out for a day or two, and whatever else may happen.

It’s good to have some people stop by. Just this past Sunday we had some people that we met on Facebook drop in for lunch. Good times.


5 missing teethThis week, Butterfly lost 2 more teeth. Now she has 5 holes across the front. She also made 100's on her exams in school today.

Milestones make a mother feel proud.

Every time my Kenyan kids cross a milestone, I feel so honored that I, Kate Ellen Brooks, get to experience it with them. I often reflect on the lives of my girls and wonder about their biological families and how MUCH they are missing by abandoning these precious children.

I, ME, Kate, I get to see these beautiful girls grow up. That makes me smile.

Pray for Me

I’m headed to the older girl’s school today for “academic” day. Not sure what is meant by “academic” day, guess I’ll find out.

Meetings here in Kenya tend to be lengthy, boring, and you sit on very uncomfortable seats. Fortunately for me I have some built in cushion.

I’ll try and keep everyone posted on what’s happening in the meeting via Facebook. I know you can’t wait.

Quote of the Week

“Humanity does not pass through phases as a train passes through stations: being alive, it has the privilege of always moving yet never leaving anything behind. Whatever we have been, in some sort we are still.”

C.S. Lewis
  Allegory of Love

Just Around the Corner?

Do you ever get that feeling, that there is something just around the corner? You know, allow me to use some old religious language here, a breakthrough?

I used to enjoy that “something big” is around the corner feeling. Change can be exciting and fun. The more we grow, the more good we can do. Yet this “something big” feeling is kind of growing old now.

Something big” just around the corner has been with me since January, and I sure wish it would go away or the “something big” would happen.

Why does life contain so many unknowns? Hey Life, aren’t you aware that I prefer knowing stuff? I like knowing what’s around the corner.

Sigh. Writing this isn’t helping much at all. No relief.

Perhaps I’ve been thinking too much. I have mowed lots of grass in the past few days. Mowing is when I do lots of thinking, can’t do much else while the mower is on.

Actually big stuff is always happening around here. Take today as an example. I get to go and buy food for Christopher’s House, our boy’s home. They will be well fed for the next 30 days or so. That’s pretty huge.