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Johnny and I have been thinking of ways to help more people in the community. Lately, it’s been difficult to meet the needs of our two homes for orphans PLUS the community needs as well.

One of the ideas we have to free up funds is to shift to a smaller house. Our current house is $650 a month rent for 7 bedrooms plus 3 smaller ‘houses.’ We would like to find a house that has 5 bedrooms and a small house with it for Ben’s family in the $375 or less range. Johnny plans on house hunting starting Monday. He thinks he can find something by the end of the week.

How you can help:  We don’t have the money we need to move. Our rent is paid on the house we are in, thankfully, but we still need money for a deposit and the first month’s rent on a new place, plus money to hire trucks to help us move all of our things. So we’ll need about $1,000.

Please be in prayer with us concerning this. I feel, that it’ll help us greatly in the long run if we can cut our living expenses for our home. It’ll allow us to meet more needs that are in the community as well.



I try to avoid asking for money on our blog. Please forgive me this time.

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