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Platform 9 3/4

A true tale from my house.

The girls huddled around the glossy world map, it’s edges curled. Milly pressed her face in close.

I could see them studying and hear them chattering in Swahili. I thought it was wonderful that they were educating themselves. They were actually looking at the map! I felt proud and left them alone to DISCOVER and learn.

As I sat at my desk, Andrew strolled in with a cheeky grin. “Hey, Mom, the girls are all looking for a SCHOOL in North America!” he chuckled.

I looked up from my laptop in disbelief. “ Seriously? A SCHOOL?” I couldn’t help but laugh.

Then Mildred, our 15 year old ‘orphan-no-more,’ walked into my room. She noticed I was using my computer so she asked me, “Can you look up Harry Potter’s school on your computer?”

Hogwarts (1)My eyebrows rose and wrinkled my brow in questioning surprise. “You mean the school of Wizardry? The one in England? Hogwarts?”

“Yes. That’s the one.” Milly replied with confidence.

<Insert record scratch sound effect here>

Yes, this actually happened this weekend at my house. My Kenyan children were trying to find a fictional school of magic and wizardry on a WALL MAP. Not only that, they were looking in North America for a fictional school set in England, AND they didn’t notice that there were no other schools listed anywhere on the map.

Does this tell you anything about my Kenyan children?

<deep sigh>

I love them.


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