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How do I tell her…


The_Open_Door This week has been loaded with people in it, and I love it.

Life in Kenya is often times difficult to explain. The culture is different.

And sometimes, being in Kenya doing the same things day in and day out makes me a little stir crazy; however, this past week, we had visitors in and out, and it made life interesting.

Trena Ivy popped over with her friends Kris and Barry. Denny Huebner came, Lonnie is here, and Cheryl Insua and her friend Denise also visited. Tomorrow I am going to see some familiar faces from my past as well… Ron & Brenda Hammonds along with Byron and Cynthia Miller. Then on Thursday, Denny will be back, plus another friend will be visiting us for dinner as well. Then yet another missionary will be spending the night this Saturday…

In case you are wondering, we have an open door policy. It’s always opened!

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