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So much has been going on in the news lately. Makes it hard to compete for space in people’s lives. I mean come on, why read this little blog when you can be reading more exciting stuff about death, war, mayhem, and royal weddings?

I’ve resigned myself to not wooing the masses. In order to keep the crowds happy you have to be nice to them all the time, and I’m just not all that good at being nice all the time.

What we are accomplishing here in Kenya, and what we have accomplished so far, we have done without compromising in order to attract readership and donors. I’m not bragging, well not that much anyway, but instead trying to explain.

You will not find flashy websites here. No high powered fund raising campaigns. No high definition videos. Just us. Plain old Johnny and Kate.

Not that those other things are bad or wrong, they are just not us. We have to be who God asked us to be, and not anyone else.

Which of course leads to the question; Who are you?

I’ll let you know as soon as I figure it out.

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