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How to Be a Missionary – Step One

Every week I get at least one email from someone asking about how to be a missionary. “How did you get started?” “How do you fundraise?” “How is it bringing up children on the mission field?” And so on and so on. This new series is dedicated to those emails. (Which I don’t mind answering by the way.")

I’m not sure how useful writing a few articles on this subject will be, but hey then again I’m not altogether convinced that writing on any subject is a meaningful use of my time.

Let’s start with a definition. The word missionary conjures up different pictures in different heads, so we need to define what I mean by missionary. I simply use the word to describe someone who is following Jesus in a culture not their own. Meaning that person has left “home” and moved somewhere else that is not “home.” That’s it. Pretty basic, which is just how I like my definitions.

Exactly how does one become a missionary? Start by packing.

Pack up a bag and go somewhere. Don’t just think about it, plan it, pray about it, or worry about finances. Just pack and go. *

Sounds easy doesn’t it? That’s because it is. I believe we over complicate everything, but especially those things involving our faith. Faith is not rocket science or brain surgery. It’s the kind of subject that a child can easily grasp.

Let’s assume you have the whole “I feel called” thing down, and you are trying to figure out what to do with this feeling that God wants you to go somewhere. We are also assuming that you are following Jesus. If you want to know how to be a missionary for Valhalla or something, well I might not be able to help you out there. (You might consider checking with Marvel though.)

So what’s the first step?


That’s right. The first step to becoming a missionary is to go. That’s it, just go.


Stop planning, worrying, and looking for the perfect missions agency or church. Just pack your bag and go somewhere. *

Where? Somewhere that needs the love that Jesus can offer through you. Go to a place where the people are hungry, naked, sick, and imprisoned by this world’s systems.

Really it’s that simple.

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