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Trust, Is It Really So Hard?

A few weeks ago we had a friend over for dinner. She’s another missionary here in Nakuru, and we thought it would be enjoyable to hang with a fellow American for an evening. Anyway while she was here she asked to use my computer to send someone an email real fast.

No problem I said, and I called Andrew (our 13 year old son) to come and help. You see I have a password on my account. This password exists not because I have top secret files on my computer, but because I like for my files to stay where they are. If they are to be moved or deleted it should be I who does so, not an eight year old child.

I told my password to Andrew, who is safe around files by the way, and sent him to log into the computer for our friend.

She remarked to me that it would have been safer to tell her the password instead of entrusting it to Andrew. I was stunned. I didn’t say anything, but I did think about it for awhile.

How is it that Andrew is automatically untrustworthy? I mean this person doesn’t really know him, has never had an experience with him that would make her to distrust him, yet he is not worthy of the password?

Too many people automatically distrust nowadays. I think the world could be just a little bit better off, if we just trusted a bit more.

Sure we will get burned, but so what? You pick yourself up and move on. Just because one thirteen year-old out there moved your files, doesn’t mean everyone will.

At least give someone a chance to prove themselves. If they prove to be untrustworthy, than by all means keep all your trust to yourself. Otherwise, I say trust away.

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