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Imprisoned for Being Sick

What’s Up?

Thanks for asking:

  • The girls are heading off to visit their biological families and or friends. (The boys will be also.) They should be gone for most of the month of August, back before school starts in September.
  • We will continue to be a part of the work in the community. There are so many who need food, medicines, hospital bills paid (so they can actually get out of the hospital,) and love.
  • Kate would like to build a chicken coop, as part of our attempt to “urban” farm.
  • You may have noticed that we have been blogging a theme lately, “How to Be a Missionary.” We have a couple more posts in store for that one.
  • We will continue to develop our 3rd home, which will be a temporary half/way type of house for pregnant teen girls. Our initial girl has given birth and we are helping her plan the next step in her life.
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