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Dorcas Wear

Our friend Denny Huebner has started a new company called Dorcas Wear. What is Dorcas Wear?

From the website:

Our founder spent 3 years in Kenya, helping to establish schools and orphanages for the street children of Nakuru.  While there, he met dozens of people named.... Dorcas? Curious, he did a little research. It turns out Dorcas lived in the first century AD in Joppa. Among her numerous charitable deeds was making clothes with her own hands for poor widows and children in her community. While she never aspired to leadership, she nevertheless became a symbol of benevolence, and throughout history has inspired women world wide to humanitarianism and philanthropy.
While we are a for-profit company, our charitable goal is to support the ongoing legacy of Dorcas. A percentage of every Dorcas Wear sale goes to supporting orphan children and young women in Africa, some of whom will help to design our logos in the future.

Why is this on our blog? Denny is donating a portion of proceeds to a few projects there in Nakuru, ours included. Last time he was here he brought along shirts for everyone, and they look great.

Check out the site:


P.S. One of the Dorcas’ he met works with us.

Butterfly’s song


My horse’s mane is white as snow.

He runs at speeds as fast as lightening.

He runs with me on his back.

La la la la la la la la la la!

My horse obeys every day.

My horse loves me forever.



~Butterfly Brooks, age 8


Goodbye Samwell

I wrote about Samuel a few days ago. (Actually his name is spelt Samwell.) We arranged for him to have a surgery, in fact today was the day the surgery was to happen. Unfortunately Samwell passed away early this morning.

I do not have any details, but he did have an infection that delayed his surgery.

Grieving for his parents and others that his short life touched.

Meet Samuel

From My Brother's Keeper

Samuel is an infant born to young parents. He has hydrocephalus, which is basically fluid on the brain. It causes the head to enlarge and can cause brain damage. He is suffering, as well as his mother and father.

Ben (we work together to love people like Samuel) met Samuel’s family while helping someone else. They approached him and begged for any help possible. Ben was able to arrange a c.t. scan and have Samuel diagnosed. Doing so empted the coffers. They had to look for the money for a needed surgery.

Samuel’s dad is a boda boda operator. That’s a bicycle taxi. He doesn’t make much money for each fare, and Nakuru is being overrun by motorcycle taxis, meaning less fares for boda boda. He cannot even imagine the approximately 50,000 KES (which is about $507 U.S. dollars,) let alone raise that amount.

We do not have the money either, but decided to do something anyway. The hospital was willing to start treatment with a deposit. Ben went with Samuel and his mother to the hospital along with some money that I had earmarked for something else. (Times like this I appreciate being flexible.)

**Just talked with Ben on the phone and Samuel has an infection that has to be treated before he can get the surgery, but he has been admitted to the hospital. Hopefully he will have the surgery in the next few days.**

How will we pay for it? I don’t know, but this is something we have to do. Samuel is worth it, no matter what happens.

Showing God’s Love

IMG_0149 Often times when planning a trip to Africa to do a week or a month long mission, folks have delusions of grandeur. They imagine themselves changing lives on a massive scale, (of course it’s possible, I suppose, but I’ve not seen it happen, usually it’s on a meeker scale of say, ONE person or two… which I can write another article on the importance of that tomorrow.) The image they paint in their minds pre-trip varies of course from one person’s ideas of glory to another, but nonetheless, it usually doesn’t contain what we really need from interns and visitors.

I’m writing this article right now mostly because we have an intern/visitor here named Josh who is 18 years old, and he is one of the FEW who gets it.

In fact, he is outside pulling weeds right now. This young man has come to help. He came to do whatever we ask, and let me tell you, it is very refreshing!

Doing ‘mundane’ tasks shows God’s love more to me than if you were to sit my kids down and try to get them ‘saved’ or spend tons of money on huge preaching crusades.

Josh here, IS making a difference. He has lifted a huge burden off of my shoulders. He is getting things done that I can’t do myself. I’m proud of you, Josh!

Irony would have it…

Do you remember our school saga and how the children were being hurt at their private school? Then we took them out of that school, home schooled them for 8 months until we could put them in another private school that is much better?

Well, today Mercy told me that the teacher who was ‘abusing them’ as been transferred to their NEW school!

I am NOT happy about this at all. GRRR!!!

It costs a lot of money to move all of my kids from school to school. They have to get new uniforms, new text books, etc…

So here I am wondering what I need to do to protect my children. This teacher is teaching 1st grade at the moment so I’m hoping she won’t be near any of my kiddies who are in older classes.

I have to go to the school and let them know how I feel. Then I’ll see what to do next, if anything.

Please pray for us. I need wisdom and patience. Momma bear may want to do unto the teacher what she has done unto my kids.

NOTE: I called the headmaster of the school and talked to him about this issue, and he did NOT hire the teacher. She was there only for an interview—which in turn scared my kids who saw her at their new school!