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Yes, I admit it, I’m on a diet. Sigh, glad that’s off my chest.

At the beginning of last November I slipped and fell off the steps at our back door. Not a very high fall, and other than a bruised up knee no real injury to speak of. The fall did however cause me to come to the realization that I was too heavy to be easily moved by my small wife. So I started researching.

I don’t handle restrictions well, or truthfully not at all. If you tell me not to do something I will do it, it’s my nature. Trying to restrict my diet was something that I knew would not work with me. I like to eat until I’m satisfied. Starving myself  would just be setting myself up for failure.

I was looking for a way to change what I eat, instead of not eating. I found it in the Paleo diet, or at least a wheat free diet.

Two books influenced me in choosing this diet approach. The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation and Wheat Belly.

The first is set up to break your eating habits so you can recreate more healthy ones. It’s based on the concept of returning to a diet more alike what Paleolithic man ate. It’s all scientific and based on evolution. Essentially you remove all processed foods.

The second book, Wheat Belly, describes the changes that wheat has been subjected to over the past 40 or 50 years. It’s not a pretty sight, and encourages a wheat free diet.

Anyway the point is not to evangelize you to the Paleo/wheat free diet. Instead I’m simply informing you of what is going on.

We’re almost 100% wheat free. (We still have an off day and consume some wheat products on that day, for now.) We have completely removed margarine, seed oils, oils from petroleum, many other processed foods, and reduced sugar intake by 90% or so.

The menu has more meat and fresh vegetables on it, well actually that is the menu. Though we have to add in some restricted foods from time to time do to economics, but barring that our whole family now eats a paleo diet, at least at home.

Good thing is I don’t have to starve myself. By eliminating wheat and most sugar, I have shrunk 25 pounds since November.

Don’t worry about me I still have a few unhealthy items in my diet, like soda and alcohol, so my rebellious nature is sated for the moment.

I feel great and am looking forward to shrinking some more.

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