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On the Other Hand…

I love being able to help folks in the community who need a little boost (sometimes a big one) to get back on their feet. To preach the Gospel by actually feeding the hungry, clothing the nude, caring for the sick, and visiting those imprisoned, is truly an honor.

Yet I don’t always like having to make the tough decisions.

You know the financial choices. Do I pay the electricity bill or buy food? Which is more important; paying the girl’s school fees or helping a dying single mom get out of the hospital to spend her last moments on Earth with her children? Do I fix the van so the girls don’t have to walk to and from school or do I help pay for a baby’s surgery?

I’m not sure I always make the right choices.

By the way those are not hypothetical scenarios above. They and countless others are running around in my head everyday. I left the mom in the hospital. Not sure that was the right thing to do. The girls are in school and even have all their books (though we still need to pay the boy’s school fees) yet so many are still imprisoned in the local government hospital simply because they cannot pay their bills.

I sometimes resent these types of decisions, o.k. I always resent them.

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