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I got mail- a letter from Mercy age 15

You’ve got Mail! (A family breakthrough)

It all started with a medium sized cardboard box, color pencils, and a clever idea from Butterfly and the artistic skills from Makena…

Four and a half years ago, we opened our home to some orphaned girls in need. Each one has a story to tell, and a past I can’t even relate to.

Over the years, I have struggled to get these girls to open up, tell me their stories and ‘let me in.’ Often times, I wonder, “Am I really helping? Is it worth it? Am I making a difference?”

The girls don’t express their feelings to me very often. They are scared of grownups in general. They have traumatic pasts of being forced to work at young ages by the grownups they trusted. They’ve lost parents, and lived for a time without being cared for in the slightest until moving in our home. It’s a life that most of us can NOT imagine in its entirety.

Let’s fast forward to yesterday when a little miracle happened.

Butterfly loves people. She loves communicating. In fact, she has her own blog, if you’d like to subscribe to it: www.butterflybrooks.wordpress.com Yesterday, she decided to convert a cardboard box into a MAIL box for their room.


Thus the form of communication which the girls can relate to and feel comfortable with has begun! I have been getting letters in this mail box addressed “To Mommy” from the girls expressing what they were too scared to say verbally. One of my girls wrote her ‘story’ and told me about her past. Several letters have come expressing deep gratitude for what we’ve given them. I am surprised and comforted to hear these words which have gone unspoken.

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