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This morning I am 30 pounds lighter than when I started on the weight loss path back in November. Don't get all excited and start in with the "congrats" and "keep up the good work messages," please I get enough of that from Kate and myself.

I didn't start this because I was unhappy with myself. I don't mind being fat. I'm doing this because I want to be healthier and simply due to the fact that I'm too large for my teeny tiny wife to move.

The greatest thing about this is how easy it has been so far. Simply removing wheat and the majority of sugar is what I have done. O.K. There have been some struggles, I seem to have just come through a plateau, but overall changing what I eat is all I have done.

Sorry, but I can't spiritualize this like most other ministers would be able too. We will just have to settle with an occasional blog post on my waist line without any life lessons involved.

Update on Our Experiment


Recently I blogged about a new experiment to provide longer term care for a family with the purpose of preventing the children from becoming orphaned, or at least delaying that day for as long as possible.

Here are some photos related to that:


Water tank

We bought her a small water tank, and plan to get another as soon as possible. This will enable her to keep enough water on hand to last most of the week, thereby saving her hours of water fetching time.

Food delivery


Food will be purchased every two weeks.



 Most of our work in the community consists of trying to rescue people from bad circumstances. Someone living in poverty gets sick and needs medicine, but just getting enough food to feed their family is sometimes too big of a challenge. The meds simply do not get bought. That's where we come in, we buy the drugs, food, rent, school, or whatever is needed. Our assistance is temporary and typically limited.

This approach works for us and enables us to spread what we have further. Yet some people need a little more help.

AIDS is creating more and more orphans, children who are robbed of their childhoods and thrust into the world all too soon. If we could prevent this, even if just for a few years, it could make a world of difference in these kids lives.

We've begun an experiment, an effort in orphan prevention. 

We are assisting a single mom, impoverished and H.I.V. positive, with more than a helping hand. I mean we will underwrite her life for three months. 

Let me explain a bit. When we met this mom she was on the verge of death. H.I.V. had stolen her body's ability to fight off illness, and infection after infection had left her weak and unable to get out of bed (or rather off the floor since she has no bed.). Friends and family had abandoned her, and she lay there on her floor waiting to die.

Ben found her and managed to get her to a doctor. She has improved to where she can now walk a block or two. We want to help her recover to where she can once again fend for herself and her two young children.

To accomplish that we have done a few things:

  • She was 6 months behind in her rent. We paid all the arrears and now she and her children can sleep in peace.
  • We paid a registration fee for her 5 year old daughter to join a nursery school.
  • We bought a school uniform, shoes, and paid some miscellaneous fees for her 7 year old son to be able to rejoin primary school.
  • We bought a small water tank, so she will not have to look for water more than once a week.
  • We bought her some medicine.
  • We bought 2 weeks worth of food for the family.
Our plan is to keep buying the food and helping in other ways, like with the rent, for 3 months. After that hopefully her health will have improved to where she can start to take responsibility again for her and her children's life. I'm sure it will not be perfect or even smooth, but it's worth trying for those two little ones.