2 Acres Tilled and Planted
Cooking with Kate in Kenya


I'm sitting in a guest house in Nairobi feeling tired with a minor headache. Eowyn is playing and making messes, Johnny is using the free wi-fi to do whatever it is he's doing, and my other kiddos are back in Nakuru with my friend and cook Leah. I always feel a little separation anxiety when away from my children. I have to deal with it every time I go somewhere.

I had to come to Nairobi to work on getting Ewoyn's birth certificate and then birth abroad declaration and finally her passport. We're still on phase I of just getting her registered as 'born' despite the fact that she's two years old. Things in Kenya can take a painfully long time to get done.

I hope that things go smoothly tomorrow and they just give us a birth certificate for her.

They didn't like the fact that she was born at home. (As if I'm the only person in Africa who gives birth at home.) Anyway, thoughts and encouragement are always welcome.

Tomorrow we try to convince them...


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