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Posting on Facebook often times trumps my blog writing. I express myself more often there since the response tends to be quicker. My apologies for the slow blogging at times.

We started our week off with a family weeding of the garden that was so successful (i.e. no important plants were removed accidentally) that I hope to have the kids help again next Sunday. They actually enjoyed weeding, too, which was an added surprise.

Things are going on as normal around here. Healthy, happy, growing kids. Several children need new uniforms for school since their dresses are too tight and too short.

Of course we are grateful to all the folks who help us feed these children, and help us bring aid to needy folks around us. We recently started another 'experiment' like the one we are continuing with Millicent. This time, it's a small baby and his mom. Both are showing positive test results for HIV. Both are very skinny and need to get more nutrition before they can take their ARVs to keep the virus from attacking their immune systems. We want to feed them, help them with their rent and other expenses so they can get strong enough to start their retroviral meds and ultimately get strong enough to work and start living a normal life again.

I'm off to spend my evening with the family. We're watching Thundercats (not my fav) and Last Man Standing.


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