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Cooking with Kate in Kenya

A brief intro to Kate

It would be easier to write about myself if I knew what people wanted to know. For now, let’s start at the very beginning. (Sung with my best Julie Andrews impersonation)

mommy & eowyn I was a premature, placenta previa baby, born by C-section on April 2, 1975 in Port Arthur, TX. Born to Dr. Sam and Sheryl Showalter. I had bright red hair unlike my parents’ darker locks, was long and skinny (5 lbs), jaundiced, and my mom thought her ‘real baby’ died during the operation, and I was just a decoy to keep her happy before they dropped the news. Fortunately, there’s no denying my genes now that I’m older.

To quote my mother, “She came out screaming and hasn’t shut up since.” I’m not sure how she knew this information since she was under anesthesia, but I believe her nonetheless.

I love people. I’ve always loved people. I’m talkative, love learning, embrace friends quickly, but am very honest and straightforward so I tend to lose them just as fast unless they are deep and true. I sing a LOT. I play the flute, and enjoy old people. I love playing games and prefer hearing giggles and the pitter patter of feet over the noise of televisions, radios, or video games. I enjoy eating healthy food, but I love baking and making candies so you can see the problem. I love thunderstorms and tea by the fire. I like it when the electricity goes out.

I hope to own my own home one day in Kenya.

I hope I’m making a difference in people’s lives, especially in my Kenyan girls’. I love helping in the community here in Nakuru, and I especially enjoy talking to Kenyan women and empowering them with knowledge.

One of my biggest personality faults and blessings is that I’m a people pleaser. I just care.

I love clothes and fashion and a good bargain. I don’t think I’ve paid more than $5 for ANYTHING in my closet. Ok, I take that back, I have a pair of leather boots I bought for $20, but they were originally $169.

I try not to have too much of anything ever. I’m constantly giving away stuff.

I try to only have seven to ten outfits in my possession. If I buy something, I must first give something away.

I’m horrible at fundraising.

I’m horrible at selling things.

I made cookies to sell at our East African Women’s League meeting, and I just gave them away. I couldn’t take money for them.

I’m always going as fast as I can. I feel as if I must accomplish much in a day. A perk or a fault? I don’t know.

Well, this is a sporadic, probably incoherent list of information about me. Any questions?

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