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New Land Option

The owners of the land we found want DOUBLE the price because they saw we are foreigners. So we found an even more beautiful piece of land with mango trees, macadamia nut tree, lemon trees. It’s covered in maize at the moment.. It’s also 8 acres, an hour away, with electricity not TOO far away to get hooked up. The owner knows we are foreigners, and he doesn’t want to hike the price. So it’s looking like a better option!

We did it!!

For those who have been following us, you know we’ve been raising money to buy 8 acres of land. We needed $30K in 30 days. In case you missed the news, we reached our goal with time to spare. We are overjoyed!

However, the campaign is still going on… Some people are asking if we’ll get the money that comes in above our goal, and the answer is YES.

We will use the extra money to handle legal fees for the purchase, plant a living fence around the land, as well as a short barbed wire or cyclone fence to keep animals and herders out.

Donations can still be made through this link.

Here’s the remaining perks on our campaign:
Your name painted on a stone in our rock garden
2 video scrap books
1 quilt
1 painting
Tree planted in your honor

Please share the news. Our campaign ends Saturday evening!

Thank you ALL!

So Close

Amazing. We have almost reached our goal on the fundraising campaign to purchase farm land here in Kenya. Thank you to all who have given. This has been a group effort from the beginning. No one individual or organization can claim responsibility. Instead the acclaim is shared amongst many, thanks again. If you haven't contributed and would like to click on this link.

Just a reminder that the perks available are costing us nothing, well except postage. They have been donated to help us bring a future to children without one. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about click on the link above. )

Also while I'm grateful for the money coming in for the land campaign, I would like to remind everyone that we still need funds for everyday life. We need to pay the bills, school fees, feed hungry family's, we need about 9,000 dollars to buy a better vehicle, and as I'm sure you can imagine 20 growing kids eat a lot of food. You can find a link on the side bar that will take you to our donation page.

We are excited about buying the farm and building homes on it. It makes sense for the future, and will be a big blessing to so many folks.


Pray for Lonnie








One of our team members, and a man that has impacted my life more than any other, is in the hospital. He's been there for a few days, and will be having surgery. If you don't mind please say a prayer or two for him this morning.


Catching Up

It has been too long since I last blogged. Not that it makes that much difference, but I do enjoy it. Kate has been busy with her campaign to raise money to buy land, you can follow the link to learn more.

Today is the last day of school for three weeks or so. I am not sure what the plans are for the holiday, but some of the girls will visit relatives. The bio family would like to get away for a couple of days in Nairobi, but we shall see if it's possible.

Ben is still busy working with sick and poor people, and Ali and Virginia have their hands full with the boys. (Plus Ali is going to school to better be able to manage the nursery school.)

Now that we are caught up, what do we talk about?