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Christmas, Blah


For several years now we have been planting maize (white corn) and beans on a friends piece of land. I started out doing it as a way to help out this friend, John I. He had the land, 2 acres, but no way to cultivate it. So we worked out a deal. We buy the seed and labor, and he provides the farm land. We then share the harvest at the end of the season.

We do not eat much of the corn, instead we end up giving it away. Kate will be going out to Elementeita tomorrow to distribute some of the maize to needy families. Ali will be throwing a party for the community as well. Fun times.

Here are some photos of the harvesting:

john i and harvested maize

The guy in the blue shirt is John I. Yes that is hair under that blue turban/wrap,thing on his head. His dreads are several decades old.

loading maize into sacks

The maize is loaded into sacks.



It is then taken to a guy with a sheller. He removes the kernals from the cob, and the maize is ready to be ground and given away.

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