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Sand and Ballast


We had sand and ballast delivered to The Shire today. Even though we do not have all the funds necessary to finsh the fence we have decided to start anyway. This stuff will be used to finish the gate, to make it look good and to pave under it.

Email List

If you have not signed up for our newsletter then what are you waiting for? It's super easy to do and it boosts our egos to see our list grow. (Make sure you actually open them when we send you an email, and watch our heads swell even bigger.)



Weather change

There's a cool grayness to the days now. Rain is coming soon.

The next step in our getting out on the Shire and becoming rent-free and little more self-sustained is fencing it. The urgency in this project is weather related.

We have two seasons. Rainy & Dry.

This past dry season was really hot and dry, but now the days are getting cooler and the clouds are rolling in with a few sprinkles every now and then which means...

Our weather clock is ticking because when the rains come, we need to plant food, and we'd love to see some progress towards our goals for the Shire.

Currently, we can't do much until we finish the fence. We tried building a compost bin, and people stole the chicken wire right from the bin because they had easy access to the land. Secondly, we must utilize the rains to plant this year's crops. However, without a fence, our farm will get eaten up by the neighbor's cows and trespassers who want to harvest some of our food.

We need your help. I don't want to do an Indiegogo campaign for the fence because I feel as if the campaigns should be saved for larger projects such as building our house.

So for now, we are just asking folks who want to help us fence the Shire, write a note on your donation so we know it's designated for that purpose.

We need about $3,000 (maybe a little more) to hurricane fence about 1000 feet.

I'll keep people posted here on the blog and on facebook as well with how much has come in so you can know!

Thanks for helping us with this next step!




I often say that it is chemically impossible for me to feel depressed or down for very long. You know some folks have imbalances and so suffer a lot of depression, I seem to be the other way around. (My impression of course, and not any kind of clinical diagnosis.)

However today I woke up feeling a bit blue. First off I did not want to get up, but Kate’s giant dog saw to it that I got up. Something about dog slobber in the face just seems to wake me up. Normal, but just would rather have stayed in bed, in fact I would rather be there now instead of sitting in front of this computer.

10 a.m. and I am still feeling blah about life. At least I know my wiring will not let this last much longer. I will soon be back in balance and back to feeling appropriate about life. Not that I am a chirpy person, appropriate for me is even keel, right down the middle. Not happy and not sad, just o.k.

A Day at the Shire

Johnny & I decided to go to the Shire for a quick soil sample. As we drove out there, we heard a strange noise coming from the car. Just as we neared the entrance, the car started overheating.

It wasn't all bad. The car issue turned our quick trip into a relaxing adventure. We knew we had to wait a while for the car to cool and for our mechanic and Andrew to get all the way out to 'the bush' where our Shire is. So we dug in the earth and found we have ruddy clay-ish soil which should be great for farming and for building our first house. It felt great playing in the dirt, letting it run through my fingers. I squeezed it with water and examined it and brought some home in a jar to do a test.

After digging 3 holes, since we had extra time, we sat for a while, just Johnny and me. No children, no pets, no noise.... listening to the sounds of life around the Shire while staring at the waves on the beautiful lake Elementaita. We were cooled by the breeze coming down the mountain.

After our rest, we started digging up some candlestick type plants that the previous squatters on the shire planted as fencing. It's ugly, useless stuff that they put right in the path of where our car needs to pass to get up the hill which means we have 1/4 of a kilometer to clear yet.

Eventually the mechanic and Andrew arrived. They found out we have 3 busted belts on the Pajero. While waiting for a guy all the way back in Nakuru to find the needed belts and bring them, the mechanic and Andrew grabbed shovels and helped in the clearing process. It was humbling and fun to see our mechanic volunteer like that!

Eventually, the guy with the belts arrived. The car got fixed just as the sun was setting, and we made it home safely. All in all, it was a rather pleasant day.



Terry Kenya has a new president, or will soon enough, yet this young lady still has an uncertain future. Her mom is expected to die any moment, and she has nowhere to go. What will the newly elected president do for her? What will the losers do?

Our hope is not in government and those who dabble in politics. Instead it is in us. The wananchi (common folk) will be the ones to help her to have a hope in the future. When the celebrations die down, parents will still be dying from A.I.D.S. While the newly elected are dividing up the spoils, poverty will still be robbing children of their futures. There is no hope in politics.

Next President?

Still no declared victor in Kenya’s presidential election. Not sure why not, but then I have never understood how government works in this country. (Not that I understand how it works in the U.S. either. Could it be that all government is inherently inefficient and self absorbed?)

The pattern that led to all the violence after the last presidential election 5 years ago is being repeated. Though when I took Andrew to school, the only one who went to school today, all was calm and business as usual in Nakuru. I hope it stays that way.

Missionaries of the Month

His Love Apparel, a small business that sells apparel with messages related to the Christian faith, is featuring us as it’s missionaries of the month. That’s right they appreciate what we are doing here in Kenya enough to give us free advertising, and 20 percent of the proceeds for this month.

If you are interested in clothing with Christian stuff on it head on over and buy something.

Follow this link to see what they wrote about us and get to the store: