Heavy Rocks

The Hut

I will be heading out to The Shire (our new piece of land) tomorrow to finalize plans to build a small circular hut. This small hut (approximately 12 foot diameter) will house a caretaker (most likely me, Johnny) during the construction phase of the building we will live in. Unfortunately insecurity is a big issue here in Kenya, and theft of materials will happen without constant watching. Most people never leave their property unattended. Took me a long time to adjust to that thinking, but experience has taught me that if it is not nailed down and guarded, it will disappear. 

Eventually the hut will serve as an office or be used as housing. 

It will be built out of mud, a common practice in the community. Though we will be using a method from England called cob, basically a mixture of straw, sand, and clay. Ali, who will be helping with the hut, has built several homes out of mud before. His own house in fact is mostly mud. A very simple little thing. No electricity, no running water, just walls, floor, and a roof. 

It's a bit exciting as this will be the first structure we build on The Shire, putting us one step closer to moving on the  land.

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