The Hut
Time to Start The Hut

Heavy Rocks

Yesterday we began to gather up rocks from around The Shire to use in the foundation for The Hut. The entire piece of property is on a hill side, with a few exceptions you are either walking up or down the incline. Rocks of course roll down hill, which means we had to carry them up. Not that big of a deal except that the previous owners had planted maize where The Hut is to be built. Ruts, lots of ruts plagued our wheelbarrow. 

Pushing, pulling, lifting, and struggling to get the wheelbarrow up that small incline was a bit discouraging. Plus the place has really become overgrown with weeds since we did not plant. (Giving the land a rest.) In other words carrying those rocks was a real pain.

Painful until I remembered why I was carrying those rocks. 

There are too many children in this world who have no hope in their futures. They do not have mom's to make sure they eat healthy food, nor dads to make sure they partake of the delicious but nutritiously suspect foods. No aunts to help with homework, nor uncles to scrutinize their would be love interests. Too many children fighting the whole day just to get something to eat. Too many girls forced to sell their bodies for pennies. Pennies. Too many.

The Shire is a way we can help more. This land will help us secure a future for the girls we already care for. They will have a home, a place they can grow food to eat, come and visit on holidays, and call their own. Our plans will enable us to feed, clothe, and even perhaps house more children. It will help us give them A Future and a Hope.

Now let me go and carry some more rocks up the hill.

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