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Time to Start The Hut

It is 2:32 p.m. on this Monday. Not so bad, up till now. I have had worse Mondays, so not complaining. I did wake up two minutes before it was time to drive the girls to school. It has been a struggle to get up these past few mornings. The girls made it to school more or less on time, so that worked out.

Ali met with a local fundi (sort of craftsman) to talk about building The Hut. The Hut will be small, twelve fut in diameter, and essentially just be walls and a roof. This fundi will charge us 10,000 KES to do it, not including the door, windows, and roofing materials. Besides the wood for the door and windows everything will be taken from The Shire, so part of that price is walking around collecting the materials. (The door and windows will be another 3,500 KES or so.)Ali thinks it is a good idea, and so we are poised to start building The Hut.

Altogether we need approximately $200 U.S. dollars to build The Hut. Not bad for our very first building on The Shire. If you would like to help you can:

Write a check out to A Future and a Hope and mail to:

A Future and a Hope
c/o Bob Humphrey
7909 Walerga Rd STE 112-141
Antelope, CA 95843

Or use PayPal and send to [email protected] or [email protected]

Western Union and MoneyGram are options as well, just contact me beforehand to make the arrangements.

Now let us see if the rest of this Monday can be as o.k. as the first half has been.

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