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How much does it cost?

Someone recently asked me how much money we need to do what we do each month. I mean, 14 children, most of whom are teenage girls... that's huge, right?

Well, I decided to break it down. Firstly, this is the basics (meaning it doesn't include community aid, building on the shire, home school field trips, nor emergencies, etc..), AND secondly, this month is different because it's a 'school fee' month. That means every fourth month, we have to pay the fees for our 9 orphans-no-more's education.

To sum it up, this month we need: $4,726, but next month we'll only need about $3,000. That's not bad for 16 people, IMO.

Here's the breakdown in USD, and these are mostly due on the first of September.

  • School fees & milk money for 9: $730
  • Rent: $460
  • Staff: $230
  • Food: about $1,400 for the month or $350 per week
  • Off road tire for the Pajero: $350
  • Gas cylinder refill: $35
  • Diesel: $95
  • Petrol: $70
  • Andrew's Lunch & transport for school: $46
  • Electricity: $175
  • Water: $46
  • Internet Credit: $185 (We pay per MB, and we have 16 people using it!)
  • Parts for Andrew's school project: $115
  • Insurance: $200 for two cars
  • Inspection: $100
  • Cell phone credit for 6 teens: $17
  • Cell phone credit for Mom & Dad: $12
  • Glasses for Grace, Muthoni, Apiyo, Edith, and myself: $460


Total: $4,726


There ya have it! October will be less needy once school fees, car needs, etc... are out of the way.


Thanks for helping us give quality care to these kids. They deserve it.

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