Who Are Those Crazy People?

A Barn, A Fence, and a Dream

I meant to post this yesterday, but Kate and I thought it would be cool to be on The Shire for the kickoff of our new campaign. It wasn't. The network we use for the Internet was terrible out there so no post. Back in Nakuru now, and able to post.

As of yesterday we have a fund raising campaign going on to help us get out on The Shire (our new piece of farmland. ) Here was our kickoff video:


There you have it. Click on this link, or use the widget on the sidebar.


We are raising 20,000 dollars for building a barn (which will serve as a temporary house for us,) a generator, water tanks, and to finish our fence. The campaign will go on for 30 days.

Last year we had a very successful campaign to buy the land, we hope to repeat that success with this one. I want to move onto The Shire by the end of this year.

Click that link above and donate, please. Also share the campaign all over the place.

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