A Barn, A Fence, and a Dream


When we bought The Shire last year I created a five year plan. The biggest goal of this 5 year plan was/is to grow 90% of our own food. Right away I deduced that there was a major flaw in my 5 year plan, I am no farmer.

What I am good at is researching. So I began doing just that. One of my best resources is Ali, team member and an experienced farmer. He has proven to be a valuable and reliable resource time and time again. Ali already has plans for The Shire that will not only help us raise food, but generate income as well.


I also know how to read, amazing I know. So I am buying gardening/farming related books like this one on compost. I have since then been practicing making soil. When we move on The Shire and begin farming in earnest I will create several compost piles, bins, and barrels. The soil has been used to grow corn and beans for almost 2 decades now. It needs some rehabilitation, which is why we did not plant this year. We are giving it a rest. Compost, crop rotations, and resting will be methods we utilise to grow food for the children we care for now and for children we will care for with the added space on The Shire.

Emma and I made this short video showing off the compost pile at the house we rent here in Nakuru.

Right now we are raising money to build a house on The Shire. Please consider helping us. Click on this link to see the campaign page: www.youcaring.com/afutureandahope


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