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Urgent need for our girls to go to school

We have four orphans-no-more who are supposed to start high school THIS Monday. The have been accepted at Shunem Girls High. We need to buy a long list of items for EACH of them as well as pay their school fees before they can go. Financial help is needed. If you would like to help send these girls to school, please let us know. This is a huge step in giving these girls a bright future. In short we need $3,000.

Each of our four girls needs:

  • $225 USD for school entry fees (X4 girls= $890) (this is for the first 3 months)
  • two skirts, two blouses, two sweaters with logos, one tie, two light blue bed sheets, one light blue bedcover, white socks, white wrap skirt and bloomer, red Tshirt Total $90 each student (X4)
  • toiletries (lotion, tooth brush and paste, toilet paper, etc...) $10
  • one basin for handwashing clothes $5
  • one metal trunk ($17)
  • black leather shoes $40
  • white rubber shoes $15
  • bathroom slippers $3
  • ruler $1
  • geometrical set $3
  • dictionary $18
  • kamusi (book)
  • Golden Bells (book)
  • World Atlas
  • 4 figure math table
  • two spring files
  • one ream of A4 photocopy paper $7
  • two library books
  • pen, pencils, erasers, etc... $10

So we easily need more than $450 dollars PER child asap. Having 4 girls means we need $1,800 by yesterday...

Did I mention we had to borrow 50,600 ($600 usd) from the Shire to make ends meet which means we owe back that, too, plus rent of 40,000 ($465 usd) is due tomorrow... Grateful to the Nore family who helped us pay our staff, though! And part of the Shire money went to the electricity bill and water bills, so they are up to date.

To donate, moneygram is the fastest way, but paypal and checks work, too. Just check out our donate page.



Makena and Donkey

This past weekend Makena was able to locate and purchase a donkey. She used money that she had worked for and saved up over many months. I am not sure why she wanted a donkey, but the idea of having one got into her head at some point and could not be dislodged.

Let me describe our household a little bit before I go on to tell you how the donkey did not survive a day. We have 14 children, 3 dogs (including a Great Dane,) couple of extra people during the day, a cat, and Kate and I. Big household. Noisy, often chaotic and currently residing on about a half acre. (Soon we will be out on our 12 acre farm which we call The Shire. ) A 2 year old donkey was added to the line up on Saturday.

Right away we could tell there would be problems between the donkey and the Great Dane. Apparently donkeys are really scared of dogs, and Danes like to chase donkeys. When we learned this the leash was brought out. Our thinking was that the dog would be leashed while the donkey was free and the donkey would be tied up when the dog was free, at least till they got used to each other.

It was during one of these transitions that the accident happened. Music, the Great Dane was tied to the laundry post while we where tying the donkey to the pull up bar post in the back. Music chewed through his leash and very excitedly ran into the back to chase the donkey. We were caught off guard and were unable to prevent the donkey from panicking.

The donkey reached the end of his tether and took a tumble. He ended up breaking two bones in one of his hind legs. A vet was called and he told us there was nothing to be done, and he put the donkey down.

Needless to say Makena was upset. It was a terrible tragedy for her, and the donkey. A hole was dug, flowers picked, and a few words said as we buried the donkey. We will help her to get another one, but not until we have moved to The Shire and can keep the donkeys and dogs separate from each other.


The Prancing Pony

We have decided to name the barn The Prancing Pony, to keep with our Lord of the Rings theme. Take a look at this album of photos we took yesterday:

 I can't figure out how to insert a photo album into a blog post, but you can still follow this link to see the album:

Be sure to click on the thumbnails to see the larger photo, as there is text to go with it.

Hurry Up and Wait

My experience has taught me one thing above all else here in Kenya, that one must wait. Waiting is unavoidable. Unfortunately patience is not always one of the stronger aspects of my personality. 

Today I went with one of our guests, he is a Canadian who builds for a living, to buy lumber for the outhouse we are building on The Shire. The hole is already dug and it is just waiting for a little room to be built on it. 

We arrived at the lumber yard this morning. Ali and our guest disappeared inside and started looking for the appropriate wood. It took a bit of time to scout out what was available, then some adjustments had to be made to the plan based on the wood the lumberyard had. While the lumber was being fetched we realized that we neglected to include the wood for the floor. That was ordered. 

The wood was laying around in big piles, and had to be hand sorted to find what we needed. This was a slow process. Finally I convinced the young woman keeping track of what we were buying to let me pay. We went into the office where she took about fifteen minutes or so to write up the receipt. 

Finally I emerged and after a few more minutes we managed to arrange for a way to get the lumber up to The Shire. 

I wish I could report that was the end of my waiting for the day, but alas I had to wait some more. It is 7:10 p.m. and I am officially done with waiting, at least till the morning.