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To bring folks up to speed, 9 1/2 years ago, we moved to Kenya, almost 7 years ago, we started taking in and caring for children who have no parents, 1 1/2 years ago, we bought land, built a hut, and built a mud barn that serves as our house. One month ago we moved in to our barn/house.

We are working on making it more liveable. Our solar is up and running, our composting toilets serve us well. Today a plumber is coming, and we now have 20,000 liters of water storage. The rain collection works, and we have managed to fence in 5 of our beautiful 12 acres. We built a fence and stable for some livestock, and yesterday Makena got her baby donkey. I am looking at a pregnant cow, soon, too.

We still do not have plumbing nor kitchen counters nor floors, but those are in the works. We are building a kennel for the dogs to help us protect our future chickens, animals, and guests.

But what is all this for?

Just yesterday, Johnny was telling me we need to start thinking about how we can help more orpans.

That is our goal.

How is what we are doing able to be replicated?

We don't have the answers right now, just ideas, but we are going to be brainstorming and working on those details.

For now, we are helping the children who live with us in so many ways. They are living a normal life. They go to school and play sports and study. They get cuddles from us, and good food, and comfort. They are learning life skills along the way, and teaching me some as well!

We are helping locals in this area, too. Odd jobs pop up each day, and we hire guys who need a little cash. Yesterday we asked a young lad who needed work to move some stones with the wheel barrow. He did a good job so today he is coming back to help us build the kennel. We have a water tank hole to be dug, and leveling... lots of little jobs around.

We have two single moms who work for us as well. They reside in Nakuru, but if they like the idea, we will build them each a small house and let them farm some of the land for themselves, too.

So as we tread forward to reaching our goal of helping more people, we are impacting the people who are already in our circle of impact and even just beyond...



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