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What is going on at The Shire

Below you can see all the ways we have spent $10,000+. We have actually used more than what is below because this list was made last week, but you get the idea! It is in order from greatest to least.

Solar $2200.00

water tanks $1300.00

shelves $800.00

10 mattresses $720.00

counters $663.00

pipes $500.00

pregnant cow $430.00

generator $420.00

water pump $400.00

Animal shelter $350.00

wires sockets light fixtures $300.00

fence $300.00

bathroom stoned $300.00

transport $300.00

moving expenses $250.00

2 donkeys $209.00 (though Makena actually paid $150 of this amount)

dog kennel $177.00

school fees $150.00

boys school fees $150.00

school uniforms $150.00

energy bulbs $100.00

plumbing labor $100.00

sand $100.00

tank holes dug $80.00

clothes line $70.00

water pump installed $60.00

back fence $50.00

Portable Solar for phones $50.00

bike rack $40.00

leveling $40.00

fruit trees $40.00

drainage $30.00

loft $30.00

pot rack $12.00

TOTAL $10871.00

Yesterday we finally got our kitchen counters installed! It has been almost 2 months without them!

Right now, we are getting supplies to do more fencing. We have 470 feet of fencing to do so we can use different areas for different things. We have more fencing to do in the future as well, but this area is a good start.

We are building water troughs for the animals, and feeding troughs in the stalls.

We want to focus more on animals for now. Perhaps we can get pigs, geese, sheep, a horse, and chickens, too!



If you are planning a trip to Kenya or know someone coming who is willing to carry items for us, here is current a wish list:





graham crackers


Reese's peanut butter cups


hot tamales

good n plenty

candy corn

candy corn pumpkins

circus peanuts




sunflower seeds flavored

frito lay bean dip



chocolate covered cherries

cadbury eggs

anything delicious



Flea control for dogs size 100lbs, 20 lbs, 10 lbs and cats 8lbs

another hoof pick

curry brush

halter (foal, pony, and horse sizes)

2 bridles with D ring or O ring snaffle bits


English drissage or jumping saddle

Riding hat




saddle pad

jodhpurs size 5

shin pads

hay net

sweat scraper



etch remover for granite counters

Mr. Clean erasers

wash cloths

dish towels

manual sasage stuffer




Beef Stew

TexJoy seasoning

Salt Lick Seasoning



SAT Prep book





white school socks

music stands

sheet music

Telemann in A minor Flute solo with Piano Acc.



Hair feathers





Wii u

volley ball


Behind, but not left behind

After talking with a close friend, I was surprised to learn that he didn't realize that our OLDEST orphan-no-more is only in 9th grade right now. School ends for the year in December so that means that we still have 3 1/2 YEARS before we consider college education or jobs or life choices, even though she is nineteen.

I know we often talk about how we have 19 year olds, 18 year olds, 17, etc.., but I forget to mention that they JUST started high school!

Why are they behind? Well, in Kenya, education is not free and children who can't pay the fees just don't get to go. Our girls, came from bad situations. So school wasn't an option until they moved in with us.

Fortunately, it is not uncommon to find older students still in high school so there is not a lot of social issues for our older chidren. It is just normal. It has nothing to do with their ability to make good grades, as one might assume. Instead, it is only because at some point in their lives, they didn't GET to go to school.

So I thought you might like to know this information. My 19 year olds are in ninth grade and still have a long ways to go before they leave the nest, and our youngest orpan no more is in 5th grade.

Our youngest child is only 4. Yeah, we have a while to work out this parenting thing.



I'm Just A Dreamer

I dreamed of a better day. A day when we could live in peace and harmony with each other. It was just a dream, until I realize one thing:


Dreaming for the whole world is too much for me. I just do not have the capacity to create a better place for everyone.


Instead I dream of making myself and my place better. In fact the dreaming is over and now the world is a better place for some children here in Kenya.


Now that we are on The Shire, there has been a shift. No longer are we paying rent and utility bills. Each donation now goes to people. Isn't that wonderful?

We provide a living for 3 families as well as income for folks around who need odd jobs.

The farm is a big place, and at the moment, we have lots to be done so there are opportunities for people to work for some cash.

We still buy food: 357 meals a week, not including the extra meals we cook for those doing the odd jobs around the farm each day, whom we also feed when here, which is usually every day.

We also pay school fees and buy internet and cell credit. The girls have school activities as well, but there is something so awesome knowing that if you give, it will go to someone somehow, either through food or education or cash.

I feel good knowing that money is not wasted, and we all live happy life!


I will...

Our 14 kids are all nestled in their beds. Some are chatting. We've had a fun weekend playing with the cow and donkeys, chasing termites, and just doing work on the farm.

A train is passing by through the hillside as I type, and the blisters on my hands are sore from digging today.

I am closing this day thinking of all the little ones out there who have no safe place to sleep as we are going to bed with full tummies and a roof over our heads.

I know the feeling of being loved and accepted. Everyone deserves to be loved on and comforted. I am grieved that I cannot help everyone. It seems my personal ability is to give quality help to a few, but... THAT person, it means everything. As they grow and tell their personal story... it will have a wonderful twist in the middle of it where their destiny was changed, hope was born, and a bright future imminent.

I will help. I will love. I will do what it takes.