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The Next House

Our next construction project is a small staff house. We need help caring for all these children and actually getting this farm to produce food. Labor in Kenya is not too expensive, and it will be great to help out more folks by employing them.

The house is a small two bedroom affair inspired by the bridge of the Enterprise from Star Trek. I know we deviated from the Middle Earth theme, but it will possiblly be named The Barrow.

We will be building it out of earth bags. More details to follow, but basically bags stuffed full of sand and soil and stacked on each other. Ninety percent or so of the construction materials will be sourced right here on The Shire. Good for the environment, and more importantly good for the pocket book.

The plan right now is for Andrew and a young man coming to help out on the farm to stay in this small house when it is finished. 


Planting Potatoes


One of the big reasons for buying land and moving onto it was to be able to plant our own food. Upto this week that has been limited to a few fruit trees and herbs. Now we have planted potatoes! 

I do not know much about growing spuds, but I can learn. First lesson: potato seeds look like tiny potatoes. We dug up the earth and planted those babies. If the rains cooperate with our plans we will harvest quite a bit of potatoes. Not sure how long that will take, but we will keep you updated. 

Most likely we will not plant anything else this year, except maybe more trees and herbs. Come January we will prepare all the land for cultivation. Still it feels good to have seed in the ground. 


Alone, Almost

Kate, Grace, Mildred, Sarah Apiyo, Sarah Muthoni, Mary, Beatrice, Makena, Edith, and Butterfly are all gone for the night. Leaving myself (Johnny,) Andrew, Mercy, Teresa, Emma, and `Eowyn here at the Prancing Pony. 

I am alone, almost.