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Biggest Farm Success! So Far.


This little bull was born a couple of days ago, and for the time being, is our biggest success on the farm front. The birth went smoothly, or at least as far as we know. We looked across the field and saw the cow acting "strangley." Upon further investigation we found a slimy baby bull, otherwise known as a calf, on the ground next to his mom. After a bit he stood up, fell down, stood up again, fell, etc. till he found the udders and had his first drink. 

Everyone was excited to find a baby cow when they got home from school. Unfortunately for him he is destined for the dinner table, but until then we will grow him as well as possible. 

He is not the only success at the moment. Our new donated malnourished cow is doing well, and gaining strength with each passing day. She has had a few bouts with bloat, but thanks to knowledgeable neighbors we were able to save her. She has even started given us milk.


We also have two horses, two donkeys, two chickens, and a couple of dogs that all appear to be doing well.

On the planting front our potatoes seem to be growing well. Hopefully the rains will be enough to grow some nice big spuds. 


The learning goes on and on and on and on, but it is good to have somethings go right.

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