Our To Do List for December
I love Christmas...

Bah Humbug?

It has become something of a tradition with myself to despise Christmas. Personally I feel it is the worst holiday, simply because it no longer resembles a holiday. Christmas is just an excuse to help corporations get in the black for the year, or at least for the month.

Anyway my biggest problem now is that I have been so far removed from the Christmas I do not like, that I've become, well ambivalent about the whole thing. The dislike as gone, and what is left is just annoyance.

I have to endure a bit of Christmas music, look at the tree, and suffer Kate's countdown to the day. The commercialization is pretty much nonexistent here in Kenya, and most people do not put a lot of stock in the day. We only watched two Christmas movies this year, and one of them was Die Hard. Can't go wrong with Die Hard.

No decorations, no lights in the neighborhood, no caroling, no parties (other than our own,) and best of all no expectations. 

I suppose that the pressure to give give and give some more during this holiday is why I really dislike Christmas.

Still I have enjoyed the food, drinks, and company this holiday season. Maybe like Scrooge I am being converted?

Nah. I still prefer Easter. 

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