Bah Humbug?
2014, What a Year!

I love Christmas...

Why I love Christmas.

It is funny really. I typed a long article to balance Johnny's annual 'Bah! Humbug!' post about his dislike of Christmas, and now I can't find it... It disappeared. In some ways, it is for the best, because I hadn't read Johnny's article before typing it, and after reading his, I realised, we actually wrote similar things. Though Johnny is ambivilent to Christmas, I still love it.

And I love Christmas mostly because I love people. Getting together, supporting eachother, stepping out of our comfort zones, singing, doing silly things, or things that would not be normal day to day, and making fun memories is a huge part of Christmas.

We are very fortunate that our children are growing up in Africa for the last ten years (all of their little lives) and... Admittedly we miss seeing our families' faces, but the reality is, we have no pressure to perform "Commercial Christmas Magic". My kids do not care about 'Santa'. They have no clue about the next fad on TV. They do not watch cartoons nor know of commercials. You might wonder how my kids can have FUN without any of those things? What makes Christmas different than any other time of year? Well, just like any child, mine anticipate Christmas morning... no... Christmas MONTH, as much as any other child. We spend the entire month doing various activites: Making gingerbread houses, eating forbidden sugars and sodas, and well... making memories with eachother. Even Johnny gets in the spirit of it all and does whatever the activity is for the day, even if it means climbing up to the top of the mountain lugging our heavy picnic lunch along the way... We drink white wine in the sun, make smores, play games, wear silly hats, and take bubble baths at a friend's house. We listen to music, watch movies, give the kids cash and take them out shopping for eachother, and just make some family traditions.

Each day as it gets closer to Christmas, I admit, my kids get excited about opening presents. They count down the days. But Christmas is still simple at our house. The gifts were chosen by the children for the other children. Common items include chocolate, tinned fruit, used clothes, and a book or two. I admit, it was fun. It was not overwhelming at all. Not only did we not have wrapping paper to deal with since we always use Furoshiki to wrap all our presents each year, but my kids felt like this was the best Christmas ever. No one ever has this wish list in their head that they hope Santa will bring them. It just doesn't happen. So there isn't any disappointment.

We spent our day making music with Fien and the Barrows. We ate some yummy food that they brought over. In fact, noone even ate my fudge nor my apple pie because the Barrows and Fien brought so much food! We even had a proper Tesco English Christmas Pudding with Rum Butter that Fien whipped up here at the Shire! It was a lovely day, and I am grateful for it.

I must admit I have loads of guilt for being on the receiving end of such a big 'gift' this year. My new piano is a HUGE thing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. All of you people who came together and made that Christmas miracle happen...THAT is what Christmas is about. Not about the actual item/gift, but about the love you showed towards me and my family this Christmas.

Thank you.

Éowyn was so excited she got a soda and a tin of pineapple from her sister Edith. It just made her day. She also got a princess dress from her grandparents, shoes from her grammy and a poncho. She is one happy chickadee.



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