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A Series of events

Today started early with me walking through the bush with my 5 bio-children hoping to not cross wild buffalo! We took a public van to Nakuru where the kids went on with some other home schooled children to a coop meeting, and I spent the morning running errands on foot in town.

Johnny and I spoke in the afternoon at our East African Women's League. I think it went beautifully! We talked about what we do in Kenya.

Then my friend Jessica who sold us our Land Rover brought the car there so we could drive it home! And we DID! It went smoothly, and over the rugged terrain like a Land Rover should!

When we arrived home, we found 3 of our 10,000 liter watertanks had been literally picked up by a massive dirt devil and dropped in various places on The Shire. Two crashed into and broke our perimeter fence. There is some damage to the tanks, but hopefully only on the top at the seams. They are guaranteed for 15 years, but I don't know if they include weather issues like this! At $700 each tank, I can't afford to have one broken. The small twister also took off the roof of the Cow stalls and Andrew's bedroom window! Plus other damage was done to the stall structure as well.

I am just grateful the children and animals are ok. Captain Jack Sparrow, our pony, was quite frightened by it all and needed some comfort when I got home!

My day ended with a lovely, long talk with my friend Fien. It was just great chatting with her...

It has been an eventful day, to say the least!

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