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Solar Panels Needed

Part of our Out of the Dark Ages fund raising campaign is increasing our solar power for The Prancing Pony (the barn which is currently serving as our home.) Currently our setup just does not give us enough juice, and we would like to add to it.

When we moved off grid, not because we hate electricity but there is simply no connection here, we decided to go the solar route. Kate nor I had any clue to how the whole energy from the sun thing worked, but we know how to use Google, and now have a rudimentary understanding. Unfortunately our lack of experience led us to buy a set up that was just too small for our needs. However my computer experience led us to purchase a setup that was up gradable. So we can add panels and batteries. 

The girls, and us two boys, would be grateful if you could help us to double our solar energy setup. The girls mostly because they could have light in the wee hours of the morning as they prepare for school. Imagine being a teenage girl who cannot see her face in the mirror before heading off to school. Shudder.

Follow this link to participate in the fund raiser, and spread the word to your friends, relatives, and groups.

Out of the Dark Ages



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