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Solar Expanded

We now have two more solar panels on top of The Prancing Pony (what we call our house.)


Then we added two more batteries. Well actually we bought four as we replaced our originals which were not working.


These added panels and batteries now give us a full evenings worth of electricity. Still not enough for refrigeration, but that is a future project.

From Facebook:

I asked Edith, age 12 who has lived with us since she was 4, what she likes to do for fun. She just stared at her lunch plate and nearly started crying. I told her I like to sneak in my room and eat a piece of dark chocolate. What does she like to do? Play outside? She just stared with no answer. 
Having children who had traumatic childhoods even if it was when they were very young is still tough. Edith just does not connect with me, but she loves Johnny Brooks and my biokids. Taking care of orphans is not easy and some days I wonder if they'll even know how different their lives have been having been grafted into our family. But I know where they came from and where they were headed. Grateful or not, we are making a difference